Fashion Bloggers Magazine wants YOU!!!

I am proud to present the new cover, do you like it?
You can find Akane Nakamura illustrations here.

We want to create a free magazine for bloggers made ​​by bloggers.

Would you like to participate?
We are selecting blog posts to add to the magazine, submit your post with a comment.
We are searching diy posts, fashion trends, outfits, beauty tips...
The Magazine will be in English,
the partecipation is free.


We'll sectect the best posts and write to the feautured bloggers.

C'mon the selections are open!

Have some questions?
Write me here:

♥ If you are a brand and you would like to be present on our new FASHION BLOGGERS MAGAZINE , please send an email ( to know our advertising options ♥

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Mariana ha detto...

Here's my post, hope to get featured! :)

pATolka_dot ha detto...

Ola Ci ha detto...

i'd like to participate too! my blog is about fashion & photo shoots:

this is my latest post:


Amanda Nortman ha detto...

Here's my post, hope to get featured! Thank you for the opportunity! xx

Amanda Nortman ha detto... :)

My Vintage Curves ha detto...

I'd love to be in your magazine. I'm a curvy vintage blogger from Italy. Here is my latest outfit post:

Dayna Vasilik ha detto...

I would love to participate and be featured in this the magazine. I believe the only thing worse than a boring outfit is an article to match! I hope you enjoy my blog, Pinky To Posh. Here is a unique post I love

however feel free to choose whichever post you prefer!

Rebecca Price ha detto...

Would love to take part!!
Here is my blog post


Kevin van Diest | The Viewfinder ha detto...

Hi, that sounds interesting! So yeah, count me in!

I blog and photograph about streetwear and also illustrate. Here are two posts of mine, one of streetwear and one of illustration. Perhaps it could be interesting for you girls: (streetwear) (illustration)

Laura ha detto...

Here are a few examples of my blog work that you could include:

I'm so grateful for this opportunity to have something published that I have a real passion and interest for! Hope I can get featured:)


Bambina Monella ha detto...

I would love to colaborate too
here is my fan page:
and my blog
Love fashion.
from Peru

Aniek ha detto...

Thank you for the oppurtunity! Would like to be featured..

Leeloo ha detto...

Cool opportunity!

Here's my post I hope you'll like it :)

Dario Fattore ha detto...

I would like to participate...I m italian n my blog s about men's style menswear n menfashion take a look :))

Miss Lemonet ha detto...

I would like to participate, I'm from barcelona and I talk about all type of trends: places, fashion, prodcuts, etc. :)

It's an interesting project. :)

could write me to


CynthiaC ha detto...

Interested and sent you an email with a few questions.


Cecilia La Coppola ha detto...

We'd love to participate too! Here's our post! :)

Cheryl van den Berg ha detto...

This is a great idea. Here are some posts from my blog that would be wonderful for the magazine!

Rumela ha detto...

hi would like to participate too. Here is my blog:

Reut Ringel ha detto...

I'm a design student/fashion blogger in New York City. I design my own fashion layouts and write about trends that I love!

Thank you for this great opportunity!!

Megan Toriglia ha detto...

How about a style interview. there are several more if this is of interest.

Viking mode ha detto...

We would like to participate thank you!
Here is our post about Icelandic sweater:

Amna & Nejra

Annalise ha detto...


Karen P. ha detto...

Here's my post!!!! or thank you!!!!

Satin Diaries(SD) ha detto...

Its an amazing opportunity and I hope I get it. :) (fingers crossed)


Valentina ha detto...

Amazing opportunity :) hope for the best!

I will send you an email with some of my posts common :)


Chantal Colombara ha detto...

hi would like to participate too. Here is my blog:

EdgyFashionBlog ha detto...


Gail J ha detto...

Fashion is my passion, and I'm ready to share and participate with yours.

My blog's all about style, trend including in Bangkok also DIY.

Here's the link

Looking forward to hearing from you :)

Zaharenia and Konstantina Kav ha detto...

Please check out our blog

Desirèe D'Aloia ha detto...

Hi! I'd like to partecipate. My blog is about fashion and trends:
Here is 2 post: the first is a preview of S/S 2013 and the second is about my style!

Gemma ha detto...

Thank you for this opportunity!
My blog is Cheap is Chic


Cristina Aldrigo ha detto...

This is my blog
Thank you!

Giulia ha detto...

I'm a fashion and photography blogger! I write about fashion, trends, shopping and - of course - photography. Hope you like it :)
Check out one of my all-time-favourite look of the day!

Marzipan ha detto...

This is my latest post: :)

Nia Lizarda ha detto...

Ah yay! Here is my post!

My blog can be found at

Sabrina ha detto...

Here's my post, I would be so happy to get featured!
Pairing neon yellow and bold stripes to make winter days brighter!


Visala ha detto...

Hello this is Visala Wong, Fashion Blogger from Hong Kong.
My blog mainly share my outfits, also fashion previews and other events.
It would be lovely if you can have any post from my blog to be featured.

Thank you!

Zhou Zou ha detto...

Here is my new blog ! More to come

FASHION TALES ha detto...

Here's my post of the updated denim jacket with a party dress:
DIY: Baroque Belt:

Ellisya Priliana ha detto...

Fingers crossed! Would totally make my day if my post got featured! Here is the post about how I'm styling Gaston Tassel Loafers by Dieppa Restrepo. Photos all by me. I'm here to inspire so I hope I'm doing it right! :)

xx Ellisya

Lil Birdie in TLV ha detto...

Would love to participate,
my post with boucle jacket styling tips
with love from always sunny Tel Aviv
more about israeli fashion and VM
daily updates

Charis Charalambous ha detto...

Thank you for this opportunity! I'm a UK based personal style fashion blogger and my blog is "Style Charisma". Here are two posts to choose from.

Charis xxx

Julia Rebaudo ha detto...

Hi Charlotte!

Here are my two posts to choose from!

Thankyou, Julia xx

The Anxiety of Blogging

Recent shopping post with a shoe focus

Krysti Sumpter ha detto...

CookedCulture ha detto...

This is so great..
Im from Cape Town, South Africa and its awesome to see all the posts from around the world :)

JANNAT MIRANDA ha detto...

Hey! This is the link to my website :
Would love to collaborate !

Vienna ha detto...

Would be great to submit something. Below is my most recent post:

Ann Robie ha detto...

I would like to work with you, guys!:)


Thank you, Ann

raggydoll ha detto...

I would love to contribute :)

Heres a few of my posts to choose from...

Thanks, Helen :)

Sisters ha detto...

Here is my blog, hope you will like posts :)

Abbey Sriskandarajah ha detto...

Here's my blog, would be a great opportunity to be a part of this

Brave Chica ha detto...

Hi there, My name is Ariatna(ari) and my blog is . I would love, love, love to participate.

Here are some of my posts:

Live, Laugh, & Love Always

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